Our History

90 years of tradition.

1922. A year full of a path paved by persecution, ξεριζωμούς and historical events. Year for the family Κουρουνλιάν would determine the future for the generations that will endure until today.

It all started from the passion, the passion and the art of Μιράν Κουρουνλιάν, the founder and inspirer of our business.

The origin of Caesarea of Cappadocia.

The wandering in 1915 and the genocide of the Armenians in Istanbul and from there to the island of Chios, Piraeus and the Old Kokkinia. Where grandpa Μιράν grappled with the art that he knew more than anything else: to make beef jerky and marshmallows, with all his mastery and all the secrets that, as it turned out, they were the chosen.

Street Trancoso 45

Armed with the passion and the reputation that are slowly acquired, the Μιράν Κουρουνλιάν managed to house the products of the street Trancoso 45 in a tiny shop just a 3-square meters that create queues of fans of dishes that he produced himself.

From generation to generation

The reputation of the company quickly expanded, along with the company itself. The 1950s marked the creation of a pilot plant for the production of products Μιράν, growing up so our distribution network in almost all of Greece. A few years later, the laboratory undertook the son of the grandfather Μιράν, Μπέδρος Κουρουνλιάν, faithfully adhering to the tradition of its founder, but also by making use of the opportunities for the future.

The evolution

Taking over the reins of the company, the Μπέδρος, 1983 expand the plant and thus created a modern unit in an area of 1.300 sq. m. which are no longer produced in larger quantities of the two classics of our products, pastrami, and the marshmallows. At the same time expands even further the distribution network and in the most remote areas of Greece and extends to the clientele in the Street Trancoso 45 in Athens, setting in operation of a distribution system at home in the whole of Greece.

In the 90s, the company is entrusted to the "heirs" of the tradition and dedication to his grandfather Μιράν, the namesake Μιράν and the Krikor Κουρουνλιάν.

With the persistent and continuous work, the grandsons manage to turn the company Μιράν the largest of its kind in the pan-european level. At the same time, maintain a contactless method for processing the product from the time of the creation of the first laboratory. Pastrami, dries in a bar, and an areas, without any mechanical interference, with the result that the maturation of naturally and effortlessly. One time-consuming method, but vindicated perfectly in the result.

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Miran today

The efforts now outnumber the limits of Greece to ensure that the products Μιράν to be known in other European countries, while exploring the possibilities for new products, as well as the extension of the historic no longer shop in the Street Trancoso.

As a result, concluded partnerships with local producers and are no longer produced and veal sausages with the seal Μιράν. In addition, the εδέσματά us is added and the rare pastrami, a camel, a light in flavor product that blends in with the spices of the pastrami. But the innovations don't stop there. We work for the creation of a world, who pastrami (patent pending), while we have released and slices of pastrami in a special air-tight packaging to retain its freshness.

In addition, recently αναδιαμορφώσαμε our store on the Street Trancoso, creating an environment that combines perfectly the tradition with elements of today and offers a lot of local products such as spices, cheeses, meats and delicacies from Small Greek producers.

For the purpose of strengthening the behalf ΜΙΡΑΝ created new store in Piraeus, in the street Τσαμαδου 2 and Gounaris. Our goal is to serve and promote our story.

Inside a century-life of this company, our goal always remains the dedication to quality. A secret of the initiator Μιράν Κουρουνλιάν that is no longer common in the rest of our family...